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Purpose of this page: collect info on what kind of icons we need. seven volunteered to create them, but needs precise info first (obviously).

TODO: update this page with more tech info, once that is done it can be passed over to seven.

what icons do we need

  • one icon per emulated system/emulator. these will be used for the GTK3 (and perhaps SDL?) window icon, and also for the icon embedded in (windows-) .exe files
    • VSID
    • C64 (x64, x64sc)
    • VIC20 (xvic)
    • DTV
    • PET
    • CBM2
    • SCPU
  • one icon per emulated media/emulator file format
    • sid
    • d64
    • g64
    • tap
    • crt
    • t64

what formats do we need

we will likely need various different sizes (and perhaps color depth?), to be listed here: