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There are a couple of scripts in the source tree that help with some tasks during development


  • - creates some statistics from the svn log
  • src/ - finds defines and ifdefs that perhaps can be removed. also finds printf-style output that perhaps shouldnt be there
  • doc/checkdoc.mak , checkdoc.c - extracts resources from the executables and compares with vice.texi
  • - finds resource definitions in the GTK3 ui
  • src/html/ - checks (internal and external) links in the html pages

Building Documentation

  • doc/ - main script to create doxygen documentation. contains a lot of magic to create nicely linked output
  • doc/ - creates GTK3 specific doxygen (much faster)
    • doc/ - fix up the texi file for proper generation of the final document
    • doc/ - texi2html converter which also generates the files needed for chm creation
    • doc/
    • doc/
    • doc/
    • doc/


  • - generates the configure script
  • src/resid/ - generate tables as c-arrays
  • src/ - filters infocontrib.h


./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/macosx/ ./build/nextstep/ ./build/android/ ./build/android/ ./build/qnx4/ ./build/openwatcom/ ./build/rhapsody/ ./build/openstep/ ./build/minix3/ ./build/minix3/ ./build/beos/ ./build/beos/

./src/ - generated by configure?


./src/buildtools/ ./src/buildtools/ ./src/buildtools/ ./src/buildtools/ ./src/buildtools/ ./src/buildtools/



./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/ ./src/arch/sdl/syllable-files/

./src/arch/sdl/ ./src/arch/sdl/qnx4/ ./src/arch/sdl/ ./src/arch/sdl/ ./src/arch/sdl/ ./src/arch/sdl/ ./src/arch/sdl/ ./src/arch/sdl/