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Who am I

I'm an old C64 scener, look me up at if you don't believe me ;)

Personal devlog

TODO list

  • 2016-11-05: BeOS/Haiku doesn't log anything to LOG_DEFAULT except HardSID messages at startup.
  • 2016-11-05: VSID: add HVSC Songlengths.txt support, maybe STIL as well. (For 3.1 or later)
  • 2017-02-13: *nix make install: fix DOS2UNIX check, doesn't seem to work very well now
  • 2017-03-25: SDL UI: rename 'screenshot' menu item to 'Save media' and move screenshot, sound recording and video recording submenu to this menu item.
  • 2017-04-06: SDL UI: have the monitor 'm' command properly dump screencodes next to the hexdump Fixed by GDK
  • 2017-05-16: SDL UI: turn 'Pause' into a proper toggle, right now there's no feedback and reentering the menu turns pause off, which is counter-intuitive
  • 2017-05-16: SDL UI: add toggle to display/hide 'hidden' files (ie .foo on Unix).
  • 2017-05-16: Add 'last-used-dir' functionality to ports that can support it (ie SDL on Unix)

Code cleanup

The c1541 and vdrive code needs cleaning up

  • Names like `unit`, `drive` and `device` are used interchangeably: sometimes `unit` is an actual unit number (8-11), sometimes it's an index into a vdrive array, values are arbitrarily AND'ed, OR'ed or subtracted to convert between 'valid' values for unit numbers and drive indici.(FIXED in c1541, vdrive etc have API problems)
  • Often user input for commands (c1541) is assumed to be correct. Leading to either weird error messages or even segfaults. (FIXED)
  • CBM DOS command support needs work. The VDrive command handling is lacking some functionality as opposed to the actual CBM DOS.