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We have some regressions and annoying bugs in 3.6 that should be fixed ASAP in a 3.6.1 service release:

  • the sound disables itself on buffer underrun. it should not do this - a short hickup is much less annoying. instead it should display a message in the statusbar and leave sound enabled.

  • the emulator seems to not work when the binary (or the data folder?) is in a directory with space in it

  • Monitor window and position can not be saved/restored (fixed in trunk)

  • hotkeys are broken on macOS.
    • the hotkey editor needs to be fixed
    • the parser segfaults on '<Meta>', running past the end of the string to parse (fixed in trunk)
    • we should provide an alternative hotkey file that has the hotkeys defined for "command+key" instead of "option+key" (which equals alt+key)
    • VICE-provided hotkeys are parsed even when using `--help`, so we'll probably need some `help_requested` flag to avoid this and perhaps other stuff that shouldn't run when using `--help`.
    • check: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GTK/OSX/Integration

  • joystick default mappings are screwed up at least on windows (should be fixed in trunk)
    • we should make sure at least buttons 1,2,3 are mapped to fire 1,2,3 (all other buttons to fire 1) (should be fixed in trunk)
    • apparently in windows the "hat" controller (dpad) was mapped to joystick before (now unmapped). this needs to be fixed and made the default again. at this point we also must make sure all default mappings are the same on all OSs (why are they not anyway?) (should be fixed in trunk)

  • some macOS specific documentation should be added that explains how to use the binaries from commandline

  • jazzcat reported a crash at startup in windows 10. r41385 apparently still works on his box - better talk to jazzcat directly (ircnet #c-64)

links to threads containing 3.6 feedback