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Things we want to do for the 3.6.2 release:

  • The VICE version and release date is not automatically updated everywhere yet
    • The top line of README
    • In the second paragraph of the README ("This is version 3.6 of VICE")
  • The github "snapshot" action should also build a release tarball so we can see if that actually works, and it needs to check if a gtk3ui configure generated tarball can compile sdl2 and vice versa
  • SDL1/2 joystick mapping improvements
    • Add 'clear all mappings' to the joystick mapping menus (it's annoying to have to unmap one by one)
    • Make the 'extra joystick options' menu show what they are already mapped to
    • Add menu joystick actions mapping support to the 'extra joystick options' menu