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Things we want to do for the 3.6.2 release:

  • The VICE version and release date is not automatically updated everywhere yet
    • The top line of README
    • In the second paragraph of the README ("This is version 3.6 of VICE")
  • The github "snapshot" action should also build a release tarball so we can see if that actually works, and it needs to check if a gtk3ui configure generated tarball can compile sdl2 and vice versa
  • It would also be nice if the github action builds proper debian/ubuntu packages
  • cpu history should be enabled by default, optionally disabled (fixed in trunk)
  • Make sure the released binaries (Windows and macOS) use the same configuration
  • SDL1/2 joystick mapping improvements
    • Add 'clear all mappings' to the joystick mapping menus (it's annoying to have to unmap one by one) (Added in trunk)
    • Make the 'extra joystick options' menu show what they are already mapped to
    • Add menu joystick actions mapping support to the 'extra joystick options' menu
  • Remove support for jpeg screenshots (and the dependency on libjpeg(turbo)) (fixed in trunk)
  • Remove the -kernalrev option from the emulators that use it: use proper ROMs for different revisions and remove the checksumming/patching of ROM files.
  • Fix C128 cartridge system
  • GTK and SDL: it is not possible to reset hotkeys to default (via UI)
    • -default on cmdline should skip loading the custom hotkey file
    • -default on cmdline should skip loading system files such as kernal from ~/.local/share/vice/$EMU/.
    • "reset settings to defaults" should also reset the hotkeys to defaults
  • VSID improvements:
    • Playlist fixes:
      • Allow removing items from the playlist.
      • Allow loading and saving of playlists.
      • Skip to the next SID in the playlist after all tunes in the SID have played.
    • Hotkeys support, also for the controls and selecting items in the playlist.
On Windows we can't get, for example, GDK_KEY_KP_Home, we always get GDK_KEY_Home. Using certain bits in the scancode, we might be able to translate the keypad Home to its expected value (GDK_KEY_KP_Home, as we use it on Unix). If we could at least get the keypad fixed, we'd improve our keymaps a lot. See this post for more information. (fixed in trunk)
macOS testing WIP (fixed in trunk)
  • GTK: a mechanism must be made that makes it possible to "call" any "menu action" (actions that can be assigned to hotkeys)
    • when that is done, joystick buttons can be mapped to menu actions
    • an UI is needed for all that

3.6.1 feedback threads