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Deflemask is a Tracker to create chip music for various Systems, including the SID.

  • It uses reSID from VICE for its SID emulation.
  • reSID is linked into the program statically
  • Nowhere in the program or the documentation does it mention that reSID is being used, and where to get the related sourcecode

when a member of the team asked for the sourcecode, we got this nice reply:

On Monday 20 June 2016, 12:58:59 Delek <deeleek@gmail.com> wrote:
> I will not release all the Defle source only because 0.01% of it uses a gpl
> licensed thing, this sounds like a joke. I know the gpl is "open or death"
> but this forces me to make from scratch a new sid emulator and release a
> new version of my tracker rather than open source my project.
> Btw Defle is free software and I didn't touch your code.
> Thanks for being so lame guys.

as of now (2018-05-14), version 0.12.0 of the software, which has the mentioned problems, is still being offered for download on their website.


THEC64 is a "mini console" running x64 of VICE, distributed by KOCH MEDIA.

  • x64 is statically linked into their THE64 binary
  • the updates are Linux executables that are statically linked to libgcrypt, a LGPL 2.1-licensed library.

The packaging / Manual contains no pointers to GPL software. it contains this interesting (and obviously wrong, cloanto didnt even exist in 1984) copyright notice though:

CBM 8-bit ROMs © 1977-1984 Cloanto Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Furnished under license from Cloanto Corporation.

The required GPL notice on where/how to get the source code is at the bottom of a 5270 lines license notice, which you can view through their menu

You may obtain the corresponding Open Source code from us for a period of three
years after our last shipment of this product, by sending a money order
or cheque for 5 GBP to: 
GPL Compliance Division,
Retro Games Ltd.
Suite 112, Crystal House, New Bedford Road, Luton, England. LU1 1HS
Please write "source for <firmware version number>" in the memo line of your payment.

Obviously they are trying to make it as hard and unattractive as possible for users to get their hands on this source.

Resolved Issues


RESOLVED The author agreed to provide the VICE source used to build VICE on the Combian image and a proper readme explaining where to find said source. He'll also remove the requirement to ask for permission to download the Combian image. In return we have offered to host Combian on our SF project page. There will be a new Combian version in a few weeks, with VICE source provided. We will update this notice then. Gpz (talk) 21:18, 17 May 2018 (CEST)

Combian is a rhaspian based linux distribution that boots directly into x64 from VICE

  • the website mentions "terms and conditions" that are probably not quite GPL compatible:
 Combian 64 is a free project, this means you can modify, improve, customise it as you like.

 If you intend to distribute it through some cloud service/forum/personal link etc, you can do 
 it freely at the condition that you mention the author and insert a reference to this page.
  • although it mentions VICE on the webpage, there are no pointers on how to request the source code.
  • to download the binaries, you have to request permission from the author first, and you need a google drive account to do it. - we have mirrored the binaries here.