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here i will track some things regarding rs232 emulation, and perhaps fix things while at it Gpz (talk) 19:29, 25 July 2019 (CEST)

using a real RS232 port

This works by using the device name of your OS, VICE uses physical RS232 ports.



status: working out of the box


  • the windows driver understands various options passed in the so called "mode string" after a colon after the ports name
  • finding out what COM port the usb adapter ended up might be tricky, you can use a tool like "Keyspan Serial Assistant"

status: working after some massaging of the code

rs232 over ip

This works by using the IP and port you are connecting to, VICE will use a TCP socket.

connect two VICE instances on the same host

socat tcp-listen:25232 tcp-listen:25231

config instance #1

config instance #2


status: works


status: works

connect two VICE instances on different hosts

piping to an external program


status: untested


status: untested


  • whether the "UP9600" (daniel dallmann) hack is being used seems to depend on the baudrate(?). this should be a seperate option

driver issues

  • handling of DTR and RTS seems to be completely missing. rs232dev_set_status, rs232dev_get_status, rs232dev_set_bps apparently are not called by the layer above

user interface

  • a couple of typical rs232 settings should probably be configurable for at least "real rs232 port at host". (behavior of DTR, RTS...)