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The Todo page is intended to be a place for the VICE developers to put down ideas about the future development of VICE.

Some of these ideas might never be realized, and might look completely absurd, but they could be the inspiration for other ideas.

By putting these ideas down they will be known to any other developers that would like to pick up one of the ideas and implement it.


  • Hardware emulation.
    • Add c64/c128 SFX sound sampler audio input support. ([1])
    • Add plus4 digiblaster audio input support. ([2])
    • Add c64/c128 rtc (ds12c887) support. ([3])
    • Add c64/c128 numeric keypad support. ([4])
    • Add c64/c128 ramlink support. ([5] [6])
    • Add c64/c128 ramdrive support.
    • Add vic20 iec2ata support. ([7])
    • Add c64 LCD64 screen support. ([8])
    • Add c64/c128 pc-joystick support. ([9])
    • Add c64 z80 (cpm) cartridge support.
    • Add c64 turbo master cartridge support (4Mhz 65C02). ([10] [11])
    • Add c64 turbo process cartridge support (4Mhz 658156). ([12] [13])
    • Add c64 flash-8 cartridge support (8Mhz 65816). ([14])
    • Add c64/c128 SCPU cartridge support (20Mhz 65816). ([15] [16])
    • Add IDE64 cdrom/iso support.
    • Add c64/c128 1.44 MB disk drive support. ([17])
    • Add vic20 ethernet support. ([18])
    • Add c64/c128 SCSI expansion support. ([19])
    • Add pet IEEE488 -> IDE/RS232 support. ([20])
    • Add IDE64 eth64 shortbus expansion support. ([21])
    • Add IDE64 duart shortbus expansion support. ([22])
  • Ports/GUI improvements.
    • Make a list of GUI elements/features per port, compare and implement any missing features for the ports.
    • Add windows-ce X11 support.
    • Add amiga X11 support.
    • Add BeOS X11 support.
    • Add RiscOS X11 support.
    • Port to Plan9
    • Port to win16
    • Port to macos classic (8.x/9.x).
    • Make OS/2 SDL port.
    • Completely update the RiscOS GUI.
    • Completely update the GP2X GUI.
  • New VICE features.
    • Add native screenshot support.
  • Documenation
    • Update the *nix documentation
    • Add proper and specific win32 documentation. (.chm format)
    • Add proper and specific amiga documentation. (.guide format)
    • Add proper and specific BeOS documentation.
    • Add proper and specific MSDOS documentation. (.txt format)
    • Add proper and specific OS/2 documentation.
    • Add proper and specific RiscOS documentation.
    • Add proper and specific SDL documentation.