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<div class="noautonum">__TOC__</div>
<div class="noautonum">__TOC__</div>
== 03-001 ==
=== [Info] Which keys do I have to press for the various CBM keys on Windows machines? ===
Have a look at this image for the keys in the C64 emulator x64:
Some additional info:
Run/Stop  ESC
Restore  PgUp
C= (Commodore)  TAB
CAPS-Key  F4  (X128 only)
VDC-Key  F7  (X128 only)

== 10-007 ==
== 10-007 ==

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Purpose of this page: collect some of the old knowledge base articles so they dont get lost and can at some point be merged into the main documentation. Anything that has been merged into vice.texi should get removed from here.

The information provided here might be outdated or even plain wrong - take it with a grain of salt


[Howto] Select 80 columns mode on x128

You want to change from 40 columns to 80 columns or vice versa on x128.

You have the following mutual exclusive possibilities:

  • Press F7 (which mimics the 40/80 column switch of a real C128). Afterward, issue a reset, or press Run/Stop-RESTORE
  • Press F1-X to change over to the other monitor


[Howto] How to use IEEE drives on x64/x128

You want to use an IEEE drive (i.e., CBM 2031, 2040, 3040, 4040, 8050, 8250, or SFD 1001) with your x64 and/or x128 emulator. Anyway, the appropriate settings in Settings/Drive Settings are grayed out.

To be able to use an IEEE drive, you need to enable IEEE emulation for the emulator. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Download the IEEE 488 ROM image from the CBM archives (formerly known as FUNET)
  • Attach that image with File/Attach cartridge image/IEEE488 interface image.
  • Make sure you have a one-drive system only (that is, go to Settings/Peripheral Setting, uncheck "use IEC device" for all devices, go to Settings/Drive Settings and select "Floppy type" as "none" for all drives other than drive 8.
  • After this, all drives can be selected in x64 and x128.


[Howto] Use OpenCBM (a.k.a. cbm4win) with WinVICE

Starting with VICE 1.16, there is support for OpenCBM. That is, you can connect a real CBM drive to your PC using OpenCBM. You want to enable this feature.

cbm4win and cbm4linux have re-joined. The new version is called OpenCBM now. Thus, this article has been changed to refer to OpenCBM now.

  • Download OpenCBM and install it onto your machine.
  • If you want to use OpenCBM inside of an emulator (for example, x64), then go into the menu Settings/Peripheral Settings. There, you must choose "Use IEC device" for the drive you want to use, and then select "Real IEC device".
  • If you want to use OpenCBM with c1541, start it with c1541 /dev/cbm.