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New developers should read the Getting started page.


Most Wanted

OSX Port maintainer

We're in the process of deleting the Cocoa port, but we still need maintainers for the OSX code of the Gtk3 and SDL ports.

  • make the Gtk3 port compile on a recent OSX and provide way to distribute Gtk3-OSX binaries
  • eventually even fix it so that it can be compiled in XCode
  • go through the Developer_log and update the GUI if necessary
  • fix known issues from the TODO list
  • fix compiler Warnings

Windows Port maintainer

The old native Windows port (usually called WinVice) has been removed in favour of a Gtk3 port. It already works pretty well, but there are some Windows-specific bugs/oddities.


(Co-)Maintainer for the following emulators:

  • xcbm2
  • xcbm5x0
  • xpet
  • xplus4

(Co-)Maintainer for the following ports:

  • Gtk3
  • SDL

(Co-)and last not least maintainer for:

  • Documentation

Technical Information

other Help

Cartridge Dumps

  • ROM dump of the C64 "Structured BASIC" cartridge (CRT ID 22)
  • ROM dump of the C64 "StarDOS" cartridge (CRT ID 31) - existing dumps apparently are broken (eg file copier does not work)

Test Programs

  • all kinds of test programs to either demonstrate existing bugs, or to make sure things that work keep working, are appreciated.