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We have some regressions and annoying bugs in 3.6 that should be fixed ASAP in a 3.6.1 service release:

  • Monitor window and position can not be saved/restored (fixed in trunk)

  • hotkeys are broken on macOS.

  • joystick default mappings are screwed up at least on windows
    • we should make sure at least buttons 1,2,3 are mapped to fire 1,2,3 (all other buttons to fire 1)
    • apparently in windows the "hat" controller (dpad) was mapped to joystick before (now unmapped). this needs to be fixed and made the default again

  • some macOS specific documentation should be added that explains how to use the binaries from commandline

  • jazzcat reported a crash at startup in windows 10. r41385 apparently still works on his box - better talk to jazzcat directly (ircnet #c-64)

links to threads containing 3.6 feedback