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All Documentation useful for developers is collected in this category.

When a page becomes completely obsolete, it should get moved to Category:Deprecated instead.

  • Scripts in the source tree (TODO: improve Documentation)
  • Libraries in the source tree (TODO: improve Documentation)
  • Warnings - compiler warnings dumping ground

misc UI things

  • Archdep - refactoring archdep code
  • (done) Keymaps - keymap rework
  • TODO: Joymappings - customizable joystick mappings for all current and future UIs
  • MonitorUI - the intended behaviour of the monitor (g)ui
  • Interlace - implementing interlace in the renderers and emulated video chips
  • Icons - what icons do we need for the GUIs?
  • UI Actions - triggering specific UI/emulator actions from menu items, hotkeys or joystick buttons
  • Hotkeys API - hotkeys system as used in Gtk3, to be used in SDL and any future ports as well

misc emulation things

  • C64models - lists the differences between the various x64 emulated models, and documents elements that have been emulated already or not emulated yet
  • Cartsystem - c64 cartridge system details


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