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The developer log is intended to be a central place for all developers to take down notes on what has changed during development. This helps to keep all porters up to date regarding API and Resource changes.


Here is a short overview of all branches that are currently active in SVN, i.e. someone develops a new feature that soon will be merged into trunk. Note here the upcoming features, if some testing is required on specific platforms or there is something porters need to be aware of.


  • autostart cleanup
    • Resource: AutostartHandleTrueDriveEmulation
    • Resource: AutostartRunWithColon
  • chris/v2.1-quicktime [2.1.2]
    • NEW: added QuickTime movie exporter (on Mac OS X for now)
    • API: introduced new soundmovie.c sound exporter
    • API: gfxoutput.h: extended interace of gfxoutputdrv_t
gfxoutputdrv_format_t *formatlist; // optional format list for exporter
void (*shutdown)(void);
int (*resources_init)(void);
int (*cmdline_options_init)(void);
    • Tested: Mac+Cocoa, Mac+Gtk, Mac+Xaw
    • Open: Adapted all UIs to use generic formatlist from extended gfxoutput_drv interface
  • viceplus/v2.1-resid-dtv
    • NEW: reSID-DTV, an accurate DTVSID emulator by Antti Lankila
    • Build todo: #define HAVE_RESID_DTV, build src/resid-dtv, link resid-dtv to x64dtv instead of resid for the following build systems: VAC++.
  • soundrework.
    • oversampling setting removed. Oversampling is a bad, mostly unused solution for slightly improved audio quality. We can just do proper resamplers for machines that need it.
    • shorter sound buffer requires using audio buffers to their capacity. Some drivers may exhibit bugs with bufferspace() hook when audio buffer gets completely filled. These should be identified by bad behaviour on low latency setting such as 50 ms, while other sound drivers on same system might still work.
  • Userport Joystick Interface support (r20807)
    • NEW: 2 new virtual joysticks
    • API: joystick_port_map[] (arch/*/joy.[ch]) size changed from 2 to 4 (JOYSTICK_NUM, joystick.h)
    • Resource: ExtraJoy (toggle) and ExtraJoyType see src/joystick.h for the types.
    • TODO: UI items for the following ports: gp2x, os2, riscos
    • TODO: Make the joystick UI correct, to clarify: c128, c64, c64dtv, cbm5x0 and plus4 have 2 native joystick port, vic20 has only 1 native joystick port and pet and cbm6x0/7x0 have no native joystick ports at all. The HIT userport joystick adapter can only be used on c64/c128, the other userport joystick adapters can be used on c64, c128, c64dtv, cbm6x0/7x0, pet and vic20.
    • TODO: Joystick mapping/handling fixes (if needed) for the following ports: gp2x.
    • NOTE: Snapshots don't load/save the two new values to maintain compatibility. Network code uses the new size; this may be a problem.
  • C128 RAM banks 2 & 3 support (20974)
    • Resource: C128FullBanks (toggle)
    • TODO: x128 UI items for the following ports: gp2x, osx, riscos
  • Plus4 SID cart add-ons support (20977)
    • Resource: DIGIBOOSTER (toggle) for the digibooster add-on and SIDCartJoy (toggle) for the joystick port on the sidcart.
    • TODO: xplus4 UI items for the following ports: gp2x, os/2, osx, riscos
  • C64/C128 SFX sound sampler support (20984)
    • Resource: SFXSoundSampler (toggle).
    • TODO: x64/x128 UI items for the following ports: gp2x, osx, riscos
  • C64/C128 SFX sound expander support (20993)
    • Resource: SFXSoundExpander (toggle).
    • TODO: x64/x128 UI items for the following ports: gp2x, osx, riscos
  • C128 stereo sid $d700-$d7ff range support (21007)
    • TODO: x128 UI items for the following ports: gp2x, osx, riscos
  • Autostart PRG Modes (21051)
    • Resource: AutostartPrgMode (enum)
      • 0=VirtualFS
      • 1=Inject to RAM
      • 2=Disk Image
    • Resource: AutostartPrgDiskImage (string)
    • TODO: UI Items for: gp2x, os/2
  • Lightpen/gun support (21132)
    • NEW: Lightpen/gun emulation in x64, x128 and xvic
    • Resource: Lightpen (toggle)
    • Resource: LightpenType (enum, see lightpen.h)
      • 0=Pen with button Up (TODO: product name?)
      • 1=Pen with button Left (TODO: product name?)
      • 2=Datel Pen
      • 3=Magnum Light Phaser
      • 4=Stack Light Rifle
    • TODO: Lightpen driver and UI items for the following ports: amiga, beos, gp2x, os/2, xaw, osx, riscos
    • NOTE: see SDL or win32 for driver implementation example
    • TODO: Fix clock calculation in VDC
    • TODO: other x's?
  • xvic cartridge system rewrite (21222)
    • NEW: Rewritten modular cartridge emulation similar to that of x64.
    • NEW: Mega-Cart emulation
    • Resource: CartridgeType (enum, see cartridge.h)
    • Resource: CartridgeFile (string)
    • Resource: CartridgeReset (toggle)
    • Resource: GenericCartridgeFile2000 (string)
    • Resource: GenericCartridgeFile4000 (string)
    • Resource: GenericCartridgeFile6000 (string)
    • Resource: GenericCartridgeFileA000 (string)
    • Resource: GenericCartridgeFileB000 (string)
    • NOTE: see win32 ui for initial menu implementation.
    • TODO: .crt like cartridge format (.vrt)
    • TODO: UI items for the following ports: gp2x, os/2, osx, riscos.
  • Fragment size (21388)
    • NEW: fragment size is switchable (with archdep defaults)
    • Resource: SoundFragmentSize (enum, see sound.h)
    • TODO: UI items for the following ports: gp2x, os/2, osx, riscos
    • TODO: check if archdep defaults are sane
  • Opposite joystick directions (21417)
    • NEW: Opposite joystick directions can be enabled
    • Resource: JoyOpposite (toggle)
    • TODO: UI items for the following ports: gp2x, os/2, osx, riscos
  • Hummer userport cleanup (r21444)
    • Resource: HummerUserportDevice removed
    • Resource: HummerUserportJoyPort removed
    • Resource: HummerADC (toggle) added
    • TODO: UI items for the following ports: gp2x, os/2, osx, riscos
  • xvic cartridge system improvements (r21505)
    • NEW: write back FE3 .bin and MC NvRAM images
    • Resource: FinalExpansionWriteBack (toggle)
    • Resource: MegaCartNvRAMWriteBack (toggle)
    • Resource: MegaCartNvRAMfilename (string)
    • TODO: UI items for the following ports: msdos, gp2x, os/2, osx, riscos
  • SID engine and model changes to where they become a combination and are used for the command-line and UI so the user can only select valid combinations (r21675)
    • NEW: SID engine/model combination-only for command-line and UI, see win32, *nix or sdl ui for examples.
    • TODO: UI items for the following ports: beos, msdos, gp2x, os/2, osx, riscos