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This is a temporary page to collect some notes on the status of the GTK3 port
The content from this page was move to the [[Todo#GTK3_UI|TODO]] page.
== Status of the GTK3 UI ==
* TODO: Forcing display size to 1x/2x/3x/4x
* TODO: respect "true aspect ratio" option (currently always off)
* TODO: respect "keep aspect ratio" option (currently always on)
* TODO: save/restore window(s) size(s) and position(s) from vice.ini
* TODO: hotkeys - preferably user configureable (like SDL)
: TODO: reasonable defaults are needed, eg to go to monitor :)
* TODO: monitor window (<s>using VTE</s> VTE is Linux only, so we need a custom built Gtk3 widget)
: monitor in terminal works, use sth like ./src/x64 -initbreak 0xfce2 to get into the monitor
* TODO: statusbar (see uistatusbar.c for some comments) (Mostly done, needs a bit of love still)
* TODO: mixer and CRT-emu control
: like the existing widget with the sliders in the gtk2 port, put split into two separate widgets of which one only has the audio related (mixer) and the other the video related (CRT) stuff (CRT sliders are done).
* TODO: finish ROM settings management
* NOTE: The Unix port uses the XDG specification for the vice configuration files, so now `vicerc` is located in `$HOME/.config/vice`, not `$HOME/.vice`. Right now the 'autostart-${emu}.d64' files are also stored there, which is not quite correct.

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The content from this page was move to the TODO page.