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(cdrom/iso done)
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==== IDE64 () ====
==== IDE64 () ====

* add IDE64 cdrom/iso support
* add IDE64 eth64 shortbus expansion support
* add IDE64 eth64 shortbus expansion support
* add IDE64 duart shortbus expansion support
* add IDE64 duart shortbus expansion support

Revision as of 22:25, 6 September 2011


  • update and/or fix cartconv :)

Cart System


  • some remaining cleanups:
    • IDE64 should save its config (cmos ram) to a binary instead of abusing vicerc
  • rework slot1 carts enable mechanism like slot0 carts (ISEPIC, RamCart, Expert, DQBB)
  • implement i/o dump support for more carts. optional, low priority


  • implement snapshot support for more carts. not criticial, low priority. (MMC64, Magic Voice, MMC Replay, IDE64, MIDI, Ethernet)
    • implement snapshot support in the following cores:
      • cs8900 (Ethernet)
      • t6721 (Magic Voice)
      • spi-sdcard (MMC64, MMC Replay)
      • spi-eeprom (MMC Replay)
      • midi (MIDI)
      • ds1302 (IDE64)
    • invent a mechanism to deal with SD-Card/HD Images (MMC64, MMC Replay, IDE64)

Clock Port Resource

  • update the resource handling for the clockport (export resource) (MMC64, MMC Replay, Retro Replay)
  • create logic to handle clock port devices
  • make hooks to handle rr-net, silversurfer, mp3@c64

Shortbus Resource

  • create logic to handle short bus devices

individual Carts

some carts do not work 100% yet, or are downright buggy:

Magic Voice (49)

  • debug interaction with TPI
  • rewrite using a more cycle exact and event based model

MMC Replay (38)

  • write test programs for the various mapping modes and review the emulation. (only the BIOS mode works right now)
  • fix memory-peek for monitor

Stardos (31)

alternative dump needed

  • Disk Copier does not work
    • this is a weird bug, it does not crash but actually cleanly exit from the menu, as if the feature is not there - because appearently a related check in the rom fails.

Note: this very much looks like the dump which is circulating is either broken, or an early and incomplete version of the software.

DQBB (-)

  • add 32/64/128/256K RAM option

Retro Replay ()

  • add "nordic replay" and 64k RAM options

IDE64 ()

  • add IDE64 eth64 shortbus expansion support
  • add IDE64 duart shortbus expansion support

SFX Sound Sampler (-)

  • add SFX sound sampler audio input support

REU (-)

  • review code and if possible make all special cases into general cases
    • reu_dma() in c64mem.c, plus256k.c, c64memsc.c, c64_256k.c, c128mem.c, c128mmu.c
    • reu_ba_register() in c64memsc.c
    • reu_dma_start() in mainc64cpu.c

Magic Formel ()

  • move MC6521 chip core to the core directory


  • check and maybe also make chip specific: "AspectRatio", "TrueAspectRatio", "KeepAspectRatio"

call tree

normal rendering call sequence:

  • video/video-canvas.c:video_canvas_render
    • video/video-render.c:video_render_main (renderer main)

YUV rendering call sequence:

  • video/video-render.c:render_yuv_image (yuv renderer main)