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Purpose of this page: collect info on what kind of icons we need. seven volunteered to create them, but needs precise info first (obviously).

TODO: update this page with more tech info, once that is done it can be passed over to seven.

what icons do we need

  • one icon per emulated system/emulator. these will be used for the GTK3 (and perhaps SDL?) window icon, and also for the icon embedded in (windows-) .exe files (transparent background)
    • SID (vsid)
    • C64 (x64, x64sc)
    • VIC20 (xvic)
    • Plus4 (xplus4)
    • DTV (x64dtv)
    • PET (xpet)
    • CBM2 (xcbm2, xcbm5x0)
    • SCPU (x64scpu)


  • one icon per emulated media/emulator file format (not strictly required, system specific ways which do not exist yet must be used to register icons to the OS)
    • sid
    • d64
    • g64
    • tap
    • crt
    • t64

what formats do we need

  • generally all icons should come as svg files. these can be natively used by "modern" desktops and UIs.
  • additionally we will likely need various different fixed sizes (and perhaps color depths?) to support legacy things. these should come in png format (from which we can convert to whatever we really need)

TODO: find out whats supported exactly in macOS

TODO: find out whats supported exactly in linux

TODO: find out whats supported exactly in windows

MacOS Unix (freedesktop) Windows
svg (guess) svg (guess) 16x16
Anything between 48-256 gets scaled by Windows

Also note these are only 'app' icons, for toolbars, file managers etc more resolutions might be required.

The rules for Windows icons are a little complex, depending on what we intend to support: Windows DevCenter article