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As of VICE 3.2 all UIs except GTK3 and SDL have been removed from the main line of VICE to make maintenance easier. The SDL port will keep working on Android, but it is a very barebones solution. However, there are third party ports to Android, which are listed here:

also see other VICE Ports and the Hall of Shame.


This port is free.

This is a popular multi-emulator frontend which also includes VICE

VICE version: 3.5 (last updated February 13th, 2022) (checked 2022-03-01)


This is a fully native port that does not use SDL. The developer asks 3,49 euros.

This seems to be the best working port, and is the one recommended to use. Occasionally you can find free downloads of beta versions on the website of the developer.

Developer: Robert Broglia

VICE Version: based on 3.4 (last updated February 9, 2022) (checked 2022-03-01)


This looks like another barebones SDL based port. This port is free. (There seems to be no binary release)

Developer: Lyubomyr Lisen

VICE version: 2.4 (last updated February 24, 2017) (checked 2022-03-01)


This port is free.

Developer: Mike Dawson

VICE version: 2.4(?) (last updated August 20, 2017) (checked 2022-03-01)


The SDL port of VICE with some android stuff on top. The developer asks 2,49 euros for it.

This port (AnVICE 1.0.5) was merged into the VICE main tree in january 2013 and became the "official" android port after that.

Developer: Locnet

VICE version: 2.3 (last updated April 6, 2012) (checked 2022-03-01)


Appears to be the SDL port of VICE with some android stuff on top (but its different to "our" UI). This port is free.

Developer: Gerhard Stein

VICE version: 2.4 (?) (last updated August 6, 2017) (checked 2022-03-01)

(requested source and changing the project name to something else than plain "VICE" on 14.5.2018 - no reply since then Gpz (talk) 20:39, 1 March 2022 (CET))

C64 - A Legend

This was a native port with a strange business and distribution model. see the Hall of Shame for details.