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This page is a temporary page to keep track of our efforts to push out the 3.3 tarball. Once the 3.3 release is out in the wild, this page should be deleted, along with the link to this on the "Development" page. The idea is to collect any issues with the 3.3 release that don't belong on the bugtracker, so it'll mostly contain stuff collected from our #vice-dev IRC channel, and perhaps some stuff from the ML, though IRC is the preferred medium for communication.


- configure is totally broken when it comes to SDL1.

Test compiles

Revision/tarball used OS/port Result Comments
r35842 Ubuntu 18.10 x64 - Gtk3 Pass ./configure
r35842 Ubuntu 18.10 x64 - SDL2 Pass ./configure --enable-sdlui2 --with-sdlsound
r35842 Windows 10 Home x64 - Gtk3 Pass ./configure
r35842 Windows 10 Home x64 - SDL2 Pass ./configure --enable-sdlui2 --with-sdlsound
r35842 FreeBSD 11.2 x64 - Gtk3 Pass ./configure
r35842 FreeBSD 11.2 x64 - SDL2 Pass ./configure --enable-sdlui2 --with-sdlsound --with-pulse
r35842 Haiku R1/beta1 x64 - SDL2 Fail, r35483 fixes this ./configure

Configure passes, recognizing SDL2, but make fails due to missing headers, installing libsdl2_devel fixes that. Make bindist works, but complains about rm ("cannot remove SDL2Vice-x86_64-haiku-3.2/html/ No such file or directory" and also a few mentions of missing operands to rm)

r35843 Haiku R1/beta1 x64 - SDL1 Pass ./configure properly barfs on this one when libsdl_devel isn't installed. Same issues with make bindist as with SDL2.
r35843 MacOSX 10.14 x64 - Gtk3 Pass Unseen: "When I exit full screen, clicking on the menus stops doing anything. They resume working after resizing the window.", "Also, I get some irregular audio clicks while at the basic prompt with no SID stuff running" "Custom font in the preview dialog in disk image attach is also broken", "Interesting, when running in fullscreen it looks as if the frame rate is halved. EoD doesn't feel as smooth as it should be, even accounting for 50/60Hz differences."