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The current release is 3.8


We'll have to mostly fix the fallout caused by the new joymapping code for this one.

  • fix remaining stuff from the 3.8 wiki page
  • merge the SDL multithread stuff
  • complete the joymapping and related UI things
  • add a triple size CPU based CRT renderer
  • perhaps try one last time to update the FFMPEG/libav code, if that does not work remove it


The Christmas release 2024.


These are the long term goals, vaguely coined "4.0":

  • remove SDL1 support
all important targets haved SDL2 now, so there is hardly a reason to keep SDL1 support. Removing it is simply about preventing bit rot and removing some complexity.
  • remove x64 (possibly rename x64sc to x64)
Soon x64sc will work fine on raspy and alike
  • merge the separated GUI/Emulator-core branch
  • move repository to git
this needs to be coordinated
  • release 4.0

see Todo for the gory details