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The current release is 3.7.1


Main goals are to get rid of (in tree) ffmpeg, and add the new joymapping code.

Release planned ASAP the joymapping stuff is mostly done.

Details are here


The Christmas release. We'll have to mostly fix the fallout caused by the new joymapping code for this one.


These are the long term goals, vaguely coined "4.0":

  • remove SDL1 support
all important targets haved SDL2 now, so there is hardly a reason to keep SDL1 support. Removing it is simply about preventing bit rot and removing some complexity.
  • remove x64 (possibly rename x64sc to x64)
Soon x64sc will work fine on raspy and alike
  • merge the separated GUI/Emulator-core branch
  • move repository to git
this needs to be coordinated
  • release 4.0

see Todo for the gory details