VICE 3.4 release

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VICE 3.4 Release

(writing as Compyx here, feel free to update)

The idea is to release a 3.4 point release in December, so this page is meant be used to coordinate efforts to do that. Hopefully all devs have access to this Wiki, so we can update the state of 3.4 quickly for all to see. I'll reiterate once again: most of the communication of VICE devs is done on IRC channel #vice-dev at freenode. Please join the channel if you have anything to say. An alternative is our mailing list, but IRC is preferred.


We're aiming for a Christmas release, meaning all fixes, additions etc need to be done before that, and before the code freeze. Code freeze will be at least a week before Christmas.

We have to decide on what binary distributions to release/build. Windows would be an obvious one (perhaps just take a pokefinder build), perhaps Mac. For Linux we'll just release the source and have distros do their thing.


We need to figure out if there are blocking bugs which need to be fixed. Of secondary importance would be 'bugs' in the layout of a UI, something we might not have gotten around to, but which is fairly simple. Tertiary would be bugs like proper dual-drive support, things like that should go to 3.5 or later.

Breaking bugs

Fill in.

  • VDC rewrite incomplete, e.g. interlace is broken, some of the soci VDC tests regressed. (maybe not a blocker, depends on one's definition..)

Secondary bugs

Fill in.

  • ROMset management (Gtk3)
  • Fix statusbar (Gtk3)
  • Proper icons

Tertiary bugs

  • A lot of SID/ReSID UI code depends on HAVE_RESID, perhaps we can just make ReSID non-optional?

Compiler warnings