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New developers should read the Getting started page.


Most Wanted

Windows Port maintainer

The old native Windows port (usually called WinVice) has been removed in favour of a GTK3 port. It already works pretty well, but there are some Windows-specific bugs/oddities.


(Co-)Maintainer for the following emulators:

  • xcbm2
  • xcbm5x0
  • xpet
  • xplus4

(Co-)Maintainer for the following ports:

  • GTK3
  • SDL

(Co-)and last not least maintainer for:

  • Documentation

Technical Information

other Help

Cartridge Dumps

  • ROM dump of the C64 "Structured BASIC" cartridge (CRT ID 22)
  • ROM dump of the C64 "StarDOS" cartridge (CRT ID 31) - existing dumps apparently are broken (eg file copier does not work)

Test Programs

  • all kinds of test programs to either demonstrate existing bugs, or to make sure things that work keep working, are appreciated.