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Other [[VICE Ports]]
Other [[VICE Ports]]
=== related stuff ===
* [ vscode-cc65-vice-debug]

== Development ==
== Development ==

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Bug tracker

before reporting bugs you may want to have a look at the list of known issues


Hall of Shame

VICE on Android

Other VICE Ports

related stuff


  • Todo - list of known issues, and more general TODO lists
  • Upstream bugs - list of upstream bugs
  • Icons - what icons do we need for the GUIs?
  • Interlace - implementing interlace in the renderers and emulated video chips



New Developers Wanted - we are always looking for help!

  • groepaz, User:Gpz (Project Manager, Cartridges, CRT Emulation, SDL- and *nix UI co-maintainer, Project co-maintainer)
  • Olaf Seibert, User:rhialto (xpet)
  • Bas Wassink, User:compyx (Gtk3 UI, autotools*, Anything non-Windows**)
  • Errol Smith, User:strobey (x128)
  • David Hogan, User:dqh (Host rendering performance, Multi-threading, macOS maintainer)
  • empathicqubit User:empathicqubit (binary remote monitor)


  • Marco van den Heuvel, User:blackystardust (autotools magic*, Cartridges, Ports, Project Maintainer)


* = half-awake takes precedence

** = this has been confirmed through reputable sources

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